Why are all your garments in solid colours and have no print or any embellishments?
Our design philosophy is to use cloth, colour and cut as our main elements for our work. We believe a solid coloured garment goes very far in a wardrobe and can be worn many times in many different ways.

Why do all the garments have the sides hanging long?
If you place most of our garments flat on a table, you will see that the hemline is straight. But the width of the garment is very very wide. This is why, the sides hang. The idea, in these designs, is to not cut the fabric into too many sections and to use blocks of cloth with minimal joinery.

Why are all the garments so large?
The entire design idea of Plantation House is inspired by the ancient folk costumes from all over the world which are based on the geometric shapes of fabric draped around the human body. The idea is to wear these garments loose, to allow the cloth to flow and float around the body. So we don’t make any garments that are even remotely fitted. In fact, the aim is to further push the boundaries and try to make larger expanses of cloth into garments in an attempt to explore interesting ways of drape around the human form.

Why do you have the same set of styles over years and years?
Yes. This, we believe, is a strength. A client who loves a certain cut and style from our store, will definitely find the same style again , when she returns to purchase it even after ten years. The styles are classic and not bound by the contours of time, seasons and definitely not ruled by the passing trends in the fashion industry.

Do you have clothing for cold weather / winter?
Currently we have fabrics that are cottons and silks which are of light and medium weight. As our concept of styling is layering, you could wear our flowing signature styles over your warm winter pullover or thermal inner wear. But yes, we will let you know when we introduce a winter collection.

Why can’t I find any wash care labels on the garment?
We don’t like to sew any labels on the garment . In fact, the name label, is also only sewed on the garments in a way that you can easily remove it before wearing the garment. The size, wash care and fabric content details of the garment are all on the hang tags. Please read carefully before throwing away the tags. Or you can visit this site and read our detailed wash care instructions on this page.