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We use fabric woven with mostly natural fibre. Some fabrics are woven with natural fibre blended with cellulose fibre; this is particularly to increase durability and softness of the fabric. The fabrics are sourced from handloom weavers from different parts of India. A lot of care and attention has been taken to get the cloth produced with these weaving communities, so as to get the right weight , hand-feel and durability for our styles.

Plantation House is the celebration of an attitude of leisure — non-hedonistic, more personal and spiritual. A sense of pace, time and quality, heavily folk inspired but thoroughly modern and contemporary. Plantation House has been fashioned with values that work across contours of seasons and styles. Our stores present clothing and accessories with an attention to material, craftsmanship and practicality. The products strive to achieve a simplicity that can be woven into lives with ease and elegance.

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